Enjoy a new flight experience

Team building

Do you know CRM training (Crew Resource Management)? Pilots are considered the best managers: communication and collaboration are the winning solutions! We are at your disposal to organize team building, team game, team experience, and host film and television productions and all kinds of educational business events

I want to fly

Come and sit in cabin like a real Captain, we'll teach you the basics of aviation and the command procedures of the most modern and technologic airplane, the Airbus A320-214. You will live all phases of a regularly scheduled airplane, from briefing to flying one. You will feel the thrill of taking off and landing at any airport in the world thanks to the 180° semicircular, screen and the virtual control tower which can feel you conducting an airplane for real.    


Are you gripped by anxiety before taking a plane? Thanks to our Captains, expert psychotherapists and the cockpit you will learn the basics of driving a plane: you will discover it is the most reliable and fast transport and you will definitely not fear of flying anymore. Finally you will be free to travel without worries!