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Our fixed base simulator is equipped with adjustable seats, tables for airbus pilots, map reading lights, power sockets for EFB, intercom system (your own headset recommended), double instructor station, one of which is equipped with double tft monitor inside the cockpit, and one in the briefing room on a big monitor with video feed. Currently it is possible to simulate about 210 faults, real weather or ad hoc configurable. The cockpit is equipped with real Airbus A320 avionics and is constantly maintained by our specialized technicians on site

Renew your ICAO /EASA English Language proficiency level

Contact us at your earliest convenience to book your exam and take the opportunity to learn more about our state of the art Airbus A320 Flight Simulator

Our LPE – Language Proficiency Examiner is always available to provide you with any additional information you may have 

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Issuance, Re-Assessment, revalidation

ICAO requires that language skills of pilots and controllers rated at Level 4 are re-assessed every four years, Level 5 pilots and controllers - every six years, while at Level 6, no further assessment of English language skills is deemed necessary.

The Level 4 (operational) proficiency is considered as a minimum ‘stepping stone’ to higher levels. The main benefit of high international standards of aviation English is that communications between aircraft crew and controllers are fully understood, particularly when non-standard words and phrases are used. In addition, improved language skills could help increasing the situational awareness of flight crews in relation to other aircraft, both in the air and on the ground.

Note: Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/340 states that the validity of the language proficiency endorsement for expert level (level six) is nine years from the date of assessment, for the English language. This provision is applicable for air traffic controllers in the EU member states

Refresh your skills

Pilots who have had to suspend their activity due to Covid19: 
with Airbus A320 Instructor SFI/TRI/TRE professionals we offer an individual training package affordable and accessible without pressure, tailored to refresh and maintain your skills
MCC and CRM to return as soon as possible efficient in the cockpit

Airline Assessment Preparation

An assessment is not just an evaluation, but an opportunity that can change your life.
Get ready with us in our A320 fixed based sim with our TRI-TRE-SFI they know very well what the current needs of the Airlines. They are are at your complete disposal to provide all the training you need to be successful in the selections.
We offer specific training for Commanders and First Officer

95% of the pilots who have chosen us have been enrolled in the best airlines!

JOC (Jet orientation course)

Dedicated to students and first time pilots, we offer orientation with the help of Airline Pilot Instructors, preparation for the selections of the Airlines and preparation to attend ATPL course

Command course preparation

For pilots who want to prepare for the transition to the left seat, our preparation courses are led by our line instructors always up to date and ready to train you on the scenarios you will likely see in your role as captain